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At Mosquito Cairns: Gutter Cleaning Service, we clean gutters for single storey homes, two-storey homes and split-level roofs. We also provide quotes for roof gutter cleaning services for body corporates and commercial properties.

Mosquito Cairns Gutter Cleaning was inspired by the fact, that whilst we live in a fantastic part of the world, our tropical climate is a paradise for breeding annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitos. They can breed in small amounts of water found in and around your home or business. It’s the hard to get tp places like your roof gutters that are often negleted and thus provide an ideal location for them to breed. By cleaning your gutters regularly you will be removing the breeding places for Dengue and Ross River mosquitoes.

Blocked gutters can also cause severe damage to your home and be very expensive to repair. When water overflows from blocked gutters, one of the several things are likely to happen:

  • It will run onto and over the eaves of your house, back into your roof and then into your ceiling.
  • It will splash onto the ground under your gutters, causing erosion of garden beds and water pooling along the walls.
  • It will run down the exterior walls of your house and saturate your foundations, which can lead to structural damage over time.

Keeping your roof gutters clear of debris and pooling water, should be a must do in your home maintenance program. Your roof gutters should be cleaned at least once a year or shortly after severe weather conditions. By having Mosquito Cairns Gutter Cleaning Service do this annually, it can be costed out for as low as $1.90 per week.

From $179.00
For Split Level Homes

From $129.00
For Two Storey Homes

From $99.00
For Single Storey Homes

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Body Corporates & Commercial Properties

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