CHIKUNGUNYA virus has spread to the Cairns region

CHIKUNGUNYA virus has spread to the Cairns region

Chikungunya virus in the Cairns Region.

Exactly 1 year ago I warned everybody on this web site of the potential of this virus being in Cairns, we now have our first confirmed case (as reported in the Cairns Post, and confirmed by Queensland Health) in Cairns along with another 16 cases thoughout Queensland.

This is no ordinary virus, you need to be informed, imagine a hangover that lasts for weeks and months, virtually crippling you with severe joint pain, headaches that don’t go away, fever and the inability to preform the simplest of tasks, now add no cure, and let the virus run its natural course (however long that may be), Have we stepped back into medieval times ?

This is a mosquito bourne virus that is not climate controlled by being only profilic in the warmer summer months. This mosquito will be here all year round, including winter, summer, spring and autum.

What can we do about it : clean your gutters, clean up the yard, don’t leave containers that can collect water outside, don’t leave piles of vegetation and general rubbish around the yard and house.

This is a very serrious threat to our tropical paradise and beyond.

Don’t let this stop you holidaying in our Beautiful Cairns area, just be aware.  Take the preventative measures of using a good insect repelant. “BUSHMAN” (available in tropical strength with deet)


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