Chikungunya: No cure, Queensland epidemic feared

Chikungunya: No cure, Queensland epidemic feared

A terrifying debilitating virus with no cure is spreading worldwide.

Experts fear an epidemic when it arrives in Queensland. Chikungunya is a word to remember, it is a Mosquito -borne virus that leaves its victims with fever, severe joint and muscle pain that can last for years.

Scientists believe the biggest risk is in the Queenslands Far North. Experts are warning people that this virus is on the Australia’s doorstep, and most alarmingly is there is no cure and no preventative medication. QUEENSLAND HEALTH advised that 18 people cotacted the virus from overseas durring 2013-2014, with 1 person after having only been bitten hrs earlier and was in horrendous pain and unable to walk, 3 months later the pain and swelling in her joints continues.

Nigel Beebe from University of Queensland advises that Cairns and Townsville resisdents were most at risk due to the dengue mosuito (Aedes Aegypti) which is most likely to carry the virus. It is feared Brisbane will also be in the firing line due its mosquito popultions.  Residents need to listen to the advise given, dont leave anything outside that can collect water such as tyres, takeaway containers, buckets, bottles, palm fronds.

Anything that can hold water is a breading site for Dengue Mosquitoes. Residents who now fail to comply with regulations may now face a fine of $400. Tip it, store it undercover,use insect repellant and KEEP YOUR GUTTERS CLEANED.

We will keep you posted on any breaking news regarding this in Queensland.

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