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85 people in Cairns diagnosed with Ross River virus

MOSQUITOES have infected more than 130 Cairns residents with diseases this year.

NewsRegional analysis of Queensland health data shows 85 people living in the Cairns health district were diagnosed with Ross River virus in the past seven months. This is less than half the number of infections last year, when there were 185 Ross River notifications. There are also 11 cases of malaria, 24 of dengue fever and 11 of the Barmah Forest virus – all of which are spread by mosquitoes.

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CHIKUNGUNYA virus has spread to the Cairns region

Chikungunya virus in the Cairns Region.

Exactly 1 year ago I warned everybody on this web site of the potential of this virus being in Cairns, we now have our first confirmed case (as reported in the Cairns Post, and confirmed by Queensland Health) in Cairns along with another 16 cases thoughout Queensland.

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Dengue Fever Cure Claim False

Queensland Health is warning that claims a cure for dengue fever has been developed are false.

A team of Queensland scientists claim to have found a cure for dengue fever, using the Melaleuca tree. Dr Max Reynolds former professor at Griffith University told ABC Local Radio, that his team has created a drug using a Melaleuca leaf concentrate that has been scientifically proven to cure all four strains of dengue fever. “We have actually finished up to phase three trials now in Indonesia on 504 patients,” he said. “In the case of the treated, because this was a double blind, which means fifty per cent received the treatment and 50 per cent did not, it was one hundred per cent successful.” Professor Reynolds says they plan to have it on the market by next year. “The goal is to have people take the drug when the dengue season commences so that if they do get bitten and contract the virus, the virus is killed instantly within the blood stream,” he said.

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Chikungunya: No cure, Queensland epidemic feared

A terrifying debilitating virus with no cure is spreading worldwide.

Experts fear an epidemic when it arrives in Queensland. Chikungunya is a word to remember, it is a Mosquito -borne virus that leaves its victims with fever, severe joint and muscle pain that can last for years.

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