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Keep leaves, debris, birds, rats, bats and snakes out of your roof and gutters permanantly. Supplied and installed from $18 mtr More Info...
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We are able to clean gutters for single storey houses, two storey homes and split level roofs at fixed pricing. Call us now on 0417 736 515 for a booking!
A Great Job At A Great Price
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Mosquitoes Are Dangerous
Protect your family from illness
By cleaning your gutters regularly you will be removing the breeding places for Dengue and Ross River mosquitoes. Call 0417 736 515 for a booking now!

Mosquitoes! I guess you're here because you've had enough of them breeding in your roof and have decided to do something about it. Mosquito Cairns Gutter Cleaning was inspired by the fact that whilst we live in a fantastic part of the world, our tropical climate is a paradise for breeding annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitos.


blog-img3The humble mosquito, is not much bigger than a match head, but it carries and spreads some of the worst diseases known to mankind; Dengue, Malaria, Ross River Fever and Chikungunya to name a few. If you have ever experienced any of these debilitating diseases, you will no doubt be aware of the extreme pain and discomfort that can last for months. In extreme cases or repeated exposure these diseases can be life threatening.

Mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water found in and around your house. It's the hard to get to places like your gutters that are often neglected and thus provide an ideal location for mosquitoes to breed.

Mosquitoes are found all over Australia, and in tropical locations they are found all year round.

Mosquitoes don't care which suburb you live in or what type of house you have, all they require are the right conditions to breed.

Trees located near buildings (either in your yard or your neighbours) all drop branches, leaves, flowers and fruit.  A lot of this debris ends up on the roof and flows down into the gutter creating a blockage and water trap. In extreme cases you will notice the gutter overflowing with water. This water can sometimes enter the house though the eaves and necessitate expensive repairs.

You may be one of the growing number of households who enjoy harvesting rain water from your roof. As you will no doubt be aware, in order to enjoy water purity you need to maintain a clean free flowing catchment area. With regular cleaning of you gutters you will maximise this precious resource.

Safety first, safety always, isn't just a slogan at Mosquito Cairns, it's a way of life. Gutter cleaning involves work at the fall point of a roof, so we ensure that all work is carried out using full safety harness equipment. Incidentally, we don't rely on the customer's insurance in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we have our own insurance, giving you the customer full peace of mind.

Perhaps your gutters are not flowing or overflowing due to a buildup of debris, maybe you have a problem with mosquitoes breeding in your gutters, perhaps you are harvesting rain water and want to reduce the pollutants entering your tank, maybe you might find yourself unable to safely access your roof anymore due to the current safety regulations, or you are restricted by age or disability, or maybe you just NEED your gutters cleaned. For any of these reasons, give DAVE WILLIAMS at MOSQUITO CAIRNS a call on 0417 736 515. You will get an honest job completed, done safely and at a cost that is affordable to everyone.

Gutter Guard is available for those who want a permanent solution.

Supplied and Installed from $18 per metre, permanently keeps out leaves, debris, birds, rats, bats and snakes..


Dave Williams
Owner: Mosquito Cairns