10 DIY Roof Gutter Cleaning Tips.

10 DIY Roof Gutter Cleaning Tips.

Safety should be your number-one priority. No matter how simple your roof gutter cleaning project is, completing do-it-yourself roof area work can be dangerous if you don’t observe basic safety measures. It’s important that you take the proper precautions in order to avoid serious injury or even death. Ladders and steep roofs can be hazardous, and a little preparation can go a long way in ensuring that your DIY gutter cleaning job is done without any accidents.

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10 Do-It-Yourself Roof Gutter Cleaning Tips

  1. Select proper footwear. Don’t risk slipping off of your roof in that old pair of tennis shoes. Instead, choose a pair of rubber-soled work shoes or boots with good tread. Sturdy shoes or boots with good traction are a must!
  2. Watch the weather. Do-it-yourself gutter cleaning jobs are best done on a warm, clear day when roofing materials are dry and there’s no chance of rain or strong winds. Watch the forecast, and avoid climbing onto the roof until there is sufficient light to do so.
  3. Observe ladder safety. If the ground below your ladder is uneven, level it with plywood or something similar. You may even want to secure it with stakes. Once it is fully extended and leaning against the roof, fasten the ladder’s top to a rafter using roof anchors or large nails.
  4. Prepare supplies in advance. There’s nothing worse than reaching the rooftop—just to realize that a critical tool or cleaning material is sitting on the ground, below. Make a list of the materials and tools you’ll need to complete the DIY gutter cleaning job, and be careful when hoisting them onto the roof. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, a rope pulley or roof harness system makes tool transport easier and safer.
  5. Take your time, and work carefully. Most rooftop injuries occur when home or business owners are frustrated or in a hurry to complete a repair. Be patient and take breaks when you’re tired—especially when it’s hot outside.
  6. Plan before you begin cleaning. Remember that leaves and debris in gutters can create a slippery surface. Also, remove nails, screws or other fasteners that could hurt you when you kneel on the roof. Wearing knee pads is also a helpful way to prevent knee fatigue or injury from sharp objects.
  7. Install toe holds. When working on a steep roof, consider installing 2” by 4” wood toe holds. Simply nail the pieces of wood to the roof’s decking, and remove the toe holds when your repairs are complete. Adjustable roof jacks are another DIY option if you’d prefer not to install handmade toe holds.
  8. Always wear a safety harness and make certain it is tied to something sturdy. If you should slip, a harness will prevent you from falling off the roof.
  9. Let someone know when you’ll be climbing on the roof. If your family members are not home, contact a neighbour to let them know of your plans—and remember to clip your cell phone to your belt or harness while you’re working.
  10. Know when to call a professional. If you’re unsure about climbing on the roof and doing the work yourself, don’t. Know your physical limitations and call a professional. It’s the safest thing you can do.

Safety First Is The Way To Go!

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